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Legna da Ardere del Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi
Vendita Pellet e Manutenzione Opera Verde

Legna da Ardere del Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Vendita Pellet e Manutenzione Opera Verde


Firewood in Bibbiena and Casentino

We can provide cutted firewood and pellets for stove and fireplace in Casentino and Arezzo (Tuscany).

 You can visit us at our warehouse directly to get the material; pellet is in the classic 15 kg sacks, firewood is inserted in polypropylene sacks, easy to transport also with your car: they are clean and don't leave remains of wood, the weight is 30 kg approximately, so one or two people can easily move it.

We can also deliver the material to your home here in the nearby with our lorry, for a minimun of 20 quintals of wook and one pallet of pellet.

From July 2020 we have also the pallet of wood: simple to store, we deliver at your home with or lorry  and move it with the pallet truck, and you don't have to clean... ready for use ! 

For example, you are on holiday in Casentino or Arezzo and want to have a barbecue but you don't have firewood? We could provide it to you!

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 +39 349 866 78 59


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Address : Caselle Banzena 58/a, 52011 Bibbiena (AR) - Tuscany